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Polymer, TiO2 and Nanomaterial Merchants

Global Traders in Nanomaterials and related commodities

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Fullerex Limited is a Merchant member of INSCX™ exchange. INSCX™ exchange is the world marketplace for industrial-scale trade in SHE accredited, compliant and validated nanomaterials, nanocommodities, objects and devices. The Exchange is also active in providing live markets for physical delivery in more traditional materials ranging from Base Oils, Polymers and Titanium Dioxide.
At Fullerex, our mission is to facilitate fair and efficient transfer of Polymers, Titanium Dioxide, Nanomaterials and related commodities between market participants, to support growth in nanotechnology and nanoscience. Clients include early stage and commercial-scale producers of nanomaterials and industrial manufacturers of intermediary and finished products. Find out more about the commodities we trade.


Fullerex is a leading private merchant within the nanomaterial and nano-engineered commodity marketplace. Find out more about our management team


Our goal is to help establish a global market for nanomaterial trade, to support producers in meeting industry demand. Additionally, Fullerex aims to encourage and aggregate trade through INSCX in synergistic materials such as polymers and titanium dioxide to support buyers dependent on traditional commodity classes.


Our membership to the INSCX Exchange enables us to help our customers to link with the exchange network of experts and professionals in nanoscience and nanotechnology

SHE Standards

We provide our clients with access to the only global marketplace for supply or purchase of Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) accredited, independently inspected, proven and traced nanomaterials and nano-enabled commodities, polymers and titanium dioxide

Fullerex are approved to engage as principal and/or agent on behalf of clients in physical trade of the following categories of materials:


Nanomaterials (SHE) accredited, compliant, validated, track-traced and insured nanomaterials listed as per Thematic class.


Nanocommodities, (SHE) accredited, compliant, validated, track-traced and insured in areas such as nano-fertilizer, fuels, coatings and catalysts.


All grades of polymers as produced by leading global polymer producers. Grades listed on a SPOT, Term Contract and Swap trade basis.

Titanium Dioxide

Various grades of Rutile and Anatase Titanium Dioxide listed by and/or sourced from validated and established producer and trade firms.